Diplome für die meine QSL zählt

W-DIG-Members (DIG 4867)
AGCW-Awards (AGCW 1773)
EPC-Awards (EPC 8349)
(Sebastian DK2ET ex DO2NSB +
Sonja DK1SON + Annika DN4ANI)

Red-Ink-Award (RIA 1251)
Blaulicht-Diplom (FiH 811FX)
Diplom DL Flora & Fauna
(DLFF-117 Naturpark Steigerwald)
Ehrenbürg-Diplom des OV B26

After our QSO I look at www.qrz.com and if you are member of a QSL-bureau, I send my QSL immediately to you. I think, the most reliable confirmation of a QSO is a paper-QSL.

In addition, I confirm all QSOs via eQSL quickly; qrz.com, LotW and Clublog casually.

SWL-reports are welcome and will be answered via eQSL or paper-QSL - like you wish and tell me.

Each eQSL is valuable for eAwards and DARC-Awards, but without "Authenticity Guaranteed" status it's worthless. There are 3 different ways to obtain AG-status. Look at the "Authenticity Guaranteed" page to see how easy it is!
73, Alfred